2015 was undoubtedly a great year with big adventures and beautiful moments. It's difficult to pick the best moment or even moments as there were so many but if I am to pick the best architectural moment I have to pick the KAUFMANN HOUSE in Palm Springs. Even though we only got to see it from the outside this view was so worth it. 

The selection of materials and clean lines designed by Richard Neutra in 1946 make this house one of a kind. Not to mention the fabulous cactus garden in the entrance. The perfect signature in a desert retreat house in Southern California.


Happy new year!



One month passed and so miss this beautiful place. The blues, the fresh air, the nice walks and the great food. 

From Bondi to Sydney city center and northern beaches this city is full of surprises and beautiful landscapes. Can't wait to go back!


After 3 weeks of working non stop, I' m in Bali for holidays. Took sometime now after a tremendous spicy Indian lunch (Yeah, I know I should be eating balinese food instead, but I was really craving some Tikka Masala chicken...) to give you some update. Yes, as you can see by the polaroids above I have a private pool and I' ve been like a fish in the water since I arrived in Bali. GOD I really missed the water, the sun and the beach. I always been the kind of person that loves to live in big cities but I actually grew up by the sea side. That's where I lived at least until I went to university. All my friends are surfers, my mom has a house just by the beach and I have to confess I always took it for granted. Well, then I moved to Spain (still had the sea near by though) but after living in Stockholm and now in Shanghai I have to say I really miss the seaside. 

So first thing to do in Bali: Get a tan, go to the beach and see the beautiful sunsets. I will be keeping you updated but if you want to see more from Bali follow me on Instagram here.