Eliana (Elle) Masgalos is a Womenswear Designer & Creative Director as well as the creative mind behind this website founded in 2009.

This inventive space is dedicated to style, art, lifestyle and travel. There are two new section - Creative Direction & Design Portfolio - that showcase some of her personal work (no corporative work is displayed here if you are interested in those please email).

A balance in between Japanese simplicity and Nordic aesthetic is her signature style. Black & White (with some very rare appearance of color). Uniform. Timeless. Minimalistic & bold, authentic & artistic is her vision not only within fashion and style but also throughout her work and lifestyle. She likes to invest in timeless high-end pieces and mix them with vintage and other more affordable brands.

Restless globetrotter and modern-times nomad. Elle is originally from Portugal where she grew up and graduated in Fashion Design. She worked in a few companies in Oporto before moving to Spain where she worked as a designer for the Inditex group. In 2011 she moves again for great career opportunity in Stockholm, Sweden for H&M and after being with the company for 2 years she gets offered to move to Shanghai, China where she worked not only with Concept and Design but also Global development and production. In love with China and Asia cultural richness she stayed for almost 6 years and in 2018 decided to come to U.S. where she is based now on the east coast, New York.

Available for ambassadorship, sponsored posts, projects & collaborations that will help tell your story to our engaged audience.

I love minimal and simple powerful lines. You will most likely see me in my black/white Japanese-like everyday uniform... but I can’t resist clothes & accessories that are so unique, so well designed with such creativity... true pieces of art I call them.
— Elle Masgalos


  • Award for Career in Fashion by Litoral Fashion, Portugal (2018)

  • Best collection at Litoral Fashion “Novos Criadores”, Portugal (2004)


  • Elle, Belgium / Elle Decor, China / TrendsHome, China / Vogue.es, Spain / Absolut Mode Society, Spain / Nest Together / Revista do Expresso, Portugal / Maxima, Portugal / Litoral Magazine, Portugal / Jornal Noticias, Portugal