was founded by Eliana (Elle) Masgalos in 2009 as a creative outlet focused on her obsession for fashion and trends analyses and has since then grown into a place dedicated to style, timeless items, living, art and travel. 

Style? Uniform. Black & White.

A balance in between minimalism, Japanese style and Nordic aesthetic is her signature in both her personal style and work. Simple but bold is her vision not only within fashion and style but also through lifestyle. Always with a touch of history and art.

Travel for the experience. Travel for a new perspective. Travel to live and see life in a new way. The philosophy behind the action. Elle was brought up travelling and living in different places, this has triggered her instinct to always move around. Has lived in Portugal, Spain, Stockholm and currently in Shanghai, China.

Started her career as a fashion designer covering also print design and trend analyses. Now working as a Creative Director and Global Development Responsible for HM Ladies department. Still, work stays at work, this is just a personal vision on STYLE and LIFE.