"I surround myself with images for their emotional qualities,... I get an energy from their tenderness, strength and glamour that I'm very responsive to."  - Phoebe Philo for Gentlewoman

Phoebe has created herself many of those images that will give us that same energy. This is her last collection for CELINE. Some say is a self portrait, some say is rebel. Not wanting to be dramatic but is there any other way to say this? It is indeed the end of an era.

Philo has filled us with excitement and showed us all there is a way of being cool and comfortable breaking the edges of fashion with that "I don't even care" attitude. She brought art closer and a new perspective on minimal bold dressing.

Is not only about leaving CELINE. It's that the brand without her will never be the same and is about not having her bringing her masterpieces to us every season. We hope you come back soon Phoebe. We miss you already!

Goodbye for now and THANK YOU!