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Georgia O’Keeffe ranch in the desert of New Mexico by AD Magazine via Object.of. Georgia is a beautiful inspiration in art, fashion and design.

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"I am attracted to art with dust and old architecture" - CONIE VALLESE 

Vallese has rapidly become one of our favourite modern times artist. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a very creative family, surrounded by her grandmother's paintings, her father's sculptures and her mother's interior designs, she took her influences and became the artist she is today. After studying film at UBA she moved to New York where she lives and works today not only as an artist but also a model.

Jack Davison brings his magic into this beautiful editorial where Rachel Thomas dresses Conie in Jacquemus to interact with her own living art for RIKA Magazine.


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FOREST AND FOUND is the collaborative studio practice by Max Brainbridge and Abigail Booth, both working with wood, natural pigments and textiles. Architectural sculptures, ancient landscapes and cultural objects are all source of inspiration and starting points for physical process and visual composition.

Their work particularly got my attention for their rough aesthetic. I have been collecting wooden pieces for 5 years now. When we moved to Shanghai and started to travel more around Asia I just couldn't resist. Wooden spoons and bowls are my thing. I have a collection of different sizes, shapes and type of wood but non like above yet.

Here are some of FOREST AND FOUND's pieces that have been displayed at London Craft Week last year.



Simone Bodmer-Turner is a truly inspiring ceramic artist who focused on ancient hand-built techniques and forms from traditional pottery communities around the world. She works exclusively with coils and slabs, a method she developed while living in Japan. Japanese fundamentals of Wabi-sabi and the appreciation of age, imperfection, and unpretentious rawness helped Simone find freedom and life in her work. A beautiful work.

Find more here.  


Hi and since this is the first 2018 article, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. After a though busy Fall we took off to NYC just the day before New Years Eve. Last minute decision but so worth it! 

NYC was cold and white. Crispy days with a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining bright. We spent the first days in Brooklyn. A great view to the bridge, cool new shops and great food as always.

This time we finally made it to the NOGUCHI MUSEUM in Queens. The snow didn't stop us and I am so glad it didn't. Both traditional and modern, inheritor of both American and Japanese cultures, ISAMU NOGUCHI is on of the most important sculpture of the twentieth century. Ceramics, lighting, furniture, architecture and gardens where some of the other areas he explored during his long years. The museum, created by the artist himself, opened in 1985 and was founded to display his most important work. One of my favourite artists and a beautiful inspiring place to visit.



'MIRAJE' also known as the mirror house is an art installation by Doug Aitken, part of Desert X in Palm Springs, California. 

Wearing TER ET BANTINE woven stripe top / CRISTA SEYA stripe trousers / CELINE sandals

Photography by Jacobo Campos & myself.




BY CARMEN D'APOLLONIO "I don't see myself as an artist. I see myself more as a builder, a designer"



Artist Carmen D'Apollonio has done a fantastic collaboration with Céline for the brand's Fall 2016 Campaign and now the pieces are also displayed in store in beautiful harmony with the marble and golds we so well know. (read more on