Yeah guys! That's it, Bali has the most perfect sunsets ever. 
I'm back to the big city, the traffic, the heat and chaos and looking at this photo I took back in Bali I even get emotional. 
I so can't wait to go back to that island.

I have to confess that still at the airport on my way back to Shanghai I was looking into hotels and flights to go back this October but unfortunately it was kind of sold out and out of budget. Now I found other plans but I still can't take Bali out of my head. The island 
is just magical! From the sunrise to the sunsets, the beaches to the jungle, the kindest people and the food. Is just perfect! I've got 
many requests so I promise I will be posting a review with a lot of tips for those who will travel to Bali soon.
For now here is a photo of the sunset in Seminyak beach Canggu around where I stayed for the first week in Bali. Enjoy!