I just love it! Introducing The Box by Building Block - my new bag but not the only one. Building Block has been introduced to me by J and who said guys don't have a good taste? Well my guy apparently has. I' m so in love with these bags that I bought two of them in New York. Yes, when I said 'not the only one' I meant I bought more than one new bag and both from Building Block. Couldn't resist it.

Building Block is a design project based in L.A. born in 2011. The brand is a minimalist approach to accessories design through the exploration of utilitarian materials and forms. Building Block just opened their latest space (studio + store) in collaboration with Iko Iko last April in L.A. (check it out here) and is also making a lovely appearance in The Selby latest book Fashionable SelbyThe Box (available here).