ALMOST XMAS again and the question is the same every year: What do you want for Xmas this year?

Is always so difficult to answer this question because is not that you 'really need' this or that. Is not really a need for anything when you live in an extreme consumption society like we do. Still the gift is part of the celebration and even though is always so hard for me to answer the question, I absolutely LOVE to give gifts. To get something that you know the person will love and to see the look on their faces when they open the gift is always such an excitement... 

To make it easier this year I made a list of some of my favourite items:

Part I - The new essentials for the wardrobe (above):

1. Yohji Yamamoto draped popelin shirt at La Garçonne (available here)

2. Vetements rain coat (currently out of stock)

3. Bimba & Lola oversize shirt (available here)

4. The Row Hunting bag 9 at La Garçonne (available here)

5. Martiniano Low Mules (available here)

Part II - For the house:

1. Hasami Porcelain Tea set at La Garçonne (available here)

2. Ito Bindery drawing pads at La Garçonne (available here)

3. Fort Standard wood-top vessel at La Garçonne (available here)

4. Fog Linen Work mango wood spoon (available here

In fact any kind of wooden spoon would do. Love them and have a little collection myself already.

5. The Monocle guide to good business (here)

Merry Xmas everyone!!!