Let's start by saying that I am so sorry I have been away for so long and also that it is something I really hate. So, here I am. 
I'm sorry! 

After 3 weeks of working non stop, I' m in Bali for holidays. Took sometime now after a tremendous spicy Indian lunch (Yeah, I know I should be eating balinese food instead, but I was really craving some Tikka Masala chicken...) to give you some update. Yes, as you can 
see by the polaroids above I have a private pool and I' ve been like a fish in the water since I arrived in Bali. 
GOD I really missed the water, the sun and the beach.

I always been the kind of person that loves to live in big cities but I am technically from the sea side. That's where I lived at least until I 
went to the university. All my friends are surfers, my mom has a house just by the beach and I have to confess I always took it for granted. 
Well, then I moved to Spain (still had the sea near by though) but after living in Stockholm and now in Shanghai I have to say I really miss the seaside.

So first thing to do in Bali: Get a tan, go to the beach and see the beautiful sunsets. I will be keeping you updated but if you want 
to see more from Bali follow me on Instagram here.