Good morning from Bali or let's say 'Selamat Pagi'! 

Here is a focus on T by Wang bikini. I think most of you will agree with me on the amazing this bikini is. Proof? It was sold out 
everywhere and I really mean everywhere. Searched for it all over Los Angeles, all stores in New York and Shanghai. Nothing! 
But, lucky me, there was this one left at Barneys New York. Last one, size S in black. Perfect, I take it miss!
What I love about it? Is black, new shape and the mesh mix. Perfect! 

Always hated to buy bikinis and the reason why? I never really find any for my style. Why do all the swimwear always have such ugly prints and difficult shapes? Like frills! Black and basic for me is always good but even that is difficult to find sometimes. Last year I was around and around to find a simple triangle black bikini and nothing. So every time I buy one I really like it lasts for 10 years.

One of the brands I really like is Minimale Animale. Super amazing and original shapes in nice colours. 
Been trying to find it here in Bali but haven't been lucky yet though.
See ya!