(Wearing Zara shorts, Comme des Garçons Tee and sneakers and 'Wolves' Valley eyewear - here.)

Here's a few photos from my trip to Hong Kong. It was a lot of walk around the city and shopping but found some time to also go to the beach side for a little relax and to visit the famous Victoria Peak. Not such a great day for the views since it was quite grey out there 
but still worth the visit. Hong Kong is definitely impressive and has such an amazing city life. 

I have to confess I wasn't very smart with my shoe selection for this trip and by the end of the second day I was finally convinced that I really needed something more comfortable to walk around city. Well, not such bad news and actually quite a good excuse to go 
shopping. Dropped by I.T. Comme des Garçons store and was absorbed by it. Went there twice and the problem wasn't I didn't like anything, the problem was I couldn't decide for only one pair. At the end, after thinking and rethinking and having in mind that 
Hong Kong is such a great city for shopping (always good to save some space in the luggage for something else you might find on 
the way, right?) I decided for this new Comme des Garçons Converse - similar here. Score!

(Photos by J. Campos)


Great news this morning. Nicolas Ghèsquiere is confirmed to be the new creative director for Louis Vuitton. The designer that has 
brought up Balenciaga to another level and made our heads spin around with his fabulous creations is now going to take over one 
of the most prestigious houses in the fashion industry. We were all sad to see Marc Jacobs leaving but is good to have Ghèsquiere 
back to business. Can't wait!


Exclusive for Dr. Jackson's coconut melt nourishes the skin, lips, cuticles and and hair. 100% organic formula melts on touch, nourishes your skin and strengthens your hair. Dr. Jackson's signature 02 anti-inflammatory with mango seeds extract provides the perfect moisturise boost. Can be used on face and body. Dr. Jackson's signature 01 blends easily and leaves your skin and comfortable. Treats dry and damaged skin and improve tone and elasticity. This just sounds like the perfect trio.


Maxi silhouette, street style and poetry. Did you ever think you could mix all that in one show? Well Yang Li did and the result is 
awesome, the result is poetry to my eyes and my closet. Let me also say that that final touch on the styling with the buckle maxi belts and 
the Vans SK8 HI is genius. Yang Li definitely nailed it and brought up coolness and fashion to another level.


It's crazy, looking at all the latest fashion weeks and catwalk shows. All the street style. All the new Winter collections in store and 
guess what? Still 30 degrees over here. Every time I take a look at a new collection, go to the fitting room super excited (of course 
all stores pump up their AC) but the result is always the same - Can't wear this wool coat or that knitted sweater under 30C. 
So basically, I'm not going to lie, is not that I stopped shopping but I buy bags, shoes and accessories instead. What else?!

Anyway, Autumn might be here soon, so better enjoy the last days of summer. Here wearing linen white Tee and silver silk shorts 
by myself. Balenciaga shoes, Céline bag and sunglasses and Givenchy shark tooth necklace.


(Quicksilver bikini at Single Fin surf shop and Super Lucia sunglasses at Opticas Pelaez)

Last days in paradise and my favourite place in the island - Uluwatu. This rocky beach down the cliff is just heaven. If you read 
my previous post it will be easy for you to find it. Go to Blue Point where you will find Single Fin and then down the cliff. 
Quite a lot of stairs but totally worth it.


Great spot guys! Single Fin in Uluwatu is my other favourite spot in Bali apart of Drifter.
This surf shop, cafe and bar has an amazing view to the Indian ocean and the many surfers that take their chance in the waves here everyday and night.

Food is fantastic and nothing like an 'Immunity boost' to refresh and get some energy. Down the cliff you can find the stunning Suluban beach (my absolute favourite!). If you're lucky enough and the tide is low you will have a great place in the sun. On the way down you will find many places to fix or rent your board. For the most incredible sunset stop by again on your way up the cliff. 
I just love this place!


(Wearing Acne studios SS13 kroko twin set, Adidas slippers, Valley Wolves sunglasses and 
Balenciaga tiara)

Welcome to the deep jungle of Ubud! On my second week in Bali we decided to meet the heart of the islands and moved to Ubud for a few days. A deep jungle with thousands of temples and history. We decided to do the proper 'Tourist', go around and see as much as we could. 
From the volcanos, Goa Gajah (the elephant cave), Gunung Kawi (the poet mountain), Puri Saren Agung (the water temple), the monkey forest and the fully packed streets os Ubud. Yes guys, because now I saw it with my own eyes and all those things I read and heard about Ubud being a small green paradise with just a small road  with two or three cafes that's history. Ubud is beautiful yes, but don't go to the centre or you will be eaten by the crowd of tourists.

So our relaxing moments where spent at the beautiful and relaxing Komaneka at Bisma. A stunning view and an amazing staff. Here are some photos we took in the resort area down by the river.
Thank you Komaneka, we loved our stay!

(photos by J. Campos)



(Wearing Acne studios silk top, Zara shorts, Adidas slippers & Shadowlands sunglasses)

Hanging out at my favourite place in Seminyak, Drifter surf shop & cafe from some fellow surfers living in Bali. The store represents many street brands and cool australian labels for boys and girls such as One Teaspoon, Valley eyewear and others. Also local brands, swimwear and jewellery. Books, posters, surfboards and everything you need for a perfect time in the island and some sports. On the other side, the cafe is the perfect spot for some magazine reading, soft drinks and snack. 
A cool shadow to hide from too hot midday sun.


Simple and easy. 
Islands essentials get reduced to my iPhone (with Recover wooden cover), which basically I use for everything but mostly for unexpected quick photos of the amazing surroundings and my new Valley Wolves sunglasses (here). Also my rings. I normally don't take them to the water but otherwise I take them everywhere.


Yeah guys! That's it, Bali has the most perfect sunsets ever. 
I'm back to the big city, the traffic, the heat and chaos and looking at this photo I took back in Bali I even get emotional. 
I so can't wait to go back to that island.

I have to confess that still at the airport on my way back to Shanghai I was looking into hotels and flights to go back this October but unfortunately it was kind of sold out and out of budget. Now I found other plans but I still can't take Bali out of my head. The island 
is just magical! From the sunrise to the sunsets, the beaches to the jungle, the kindest people and the food. Is just perfect! I've got 
many requests so I promise I will be posting a review with a lot of tips for those who will travel to Bali soon.
For now here is a photo of the sunset in Seminyak beach Canggu around where I stayed for the first week in Bali. Enjoy!


Good morning from Bali or let's say 'Selamat Pagi'! 

Here is a focus on T by Wang bikini. I think most of you will agree with me on the amazing this bikini is. Proof? It was sold out 
everywhere and I really mean everywhere. Searched for it all over Los Angeles, all stores in New York and Shanghai. Nothing! 
But, lucky me, there was this one left at Barneys New York. Last one, size S in black. Perfect, I take it miss!
What I love about it? Is black, new shape and the mesh mix. Perfect! 

Always hated to buy bikinis and the reason why? I never really find any for my style. Why do all the swimwear always have such ugly prints and difficult shapes? Like frills! Black and basic for me is always good but even that is difficult to find sometimes. Last year I was around and around to find a simple triangle black bikini and nothing. So every time I buy one I really like it lasts for 10 years.

One of the brands I really like is Minimale Animale. Super amazing and original shapes in nice colours. 
Been trying to find it here in Bali but haven't been lucky yet though.
See ya!


Let's start by saying that I am so sorry I have been away for so long and also that it is something I really hate. So, here I am. 
I'm sorry! 

After 3 weeks of working non stop, I' m in Bali for holidays. Took sometime now after a tremendous spicy Indian lunch (Yeah, I know I should be eating balinese food instead, but I was really craving some Tikka Masala chicken...) to give you some update. Yes, as you can 
see by the polaroids above I have a private pool and I' ve been like a fish in the water since I arrived in Bali. 
GOD I really missed the water, the sun and the beach.

I always been the kind of person that loves to live in big cities but I am technically from the sea side. That's where I lived at least until I 
went to the university. All my friends are surfers, my mom has a house just by the beach and I have to confess I always took it for granted. 
Well, then I moved to Spain (still had the sea near by though) but after living in Stockholm and now in Shanghai I have to say I really miss the seaside.

So first thing to do in Bali: Get a tan, go to the beach and see the beautiful sunsets. I will be keeping you updated but if you want 
to see more from Bali follow me on Instagram here.