1. Living in California someday! Since I met L.A. I can't take it out of my mind.
2. Being at home painting, drawing,... doing things!
3. Chocolate! All kinds but specially dark. The more dark the best!
4. Buying a bicycle!!! Stockholm is a wonderful city to go by bicycle everywhere.
5. Metal! Lots of metal and crystals. I'm totally obcessed with Pamela Love's new collection.
6. My bed! Don't know what's happening lately but is so dificult to get out of bed to work every
morning. I love sleeping in the mornings watching the sunrise.

7. Coffee! Forever coffee...
8. Shopping! Well, this is not actually my latest addiction. I have to confess this has been something I've
been addicted all my life. Lately with the swedish and australian brands that had such great design and
had been growing those last years. ACNE, Carin Wester, Shakuhachi, Stylestalker,...
so many good examples!

9. YOU MUST GREAT SOMETHING! Just a message and a good advise...
10. The last but my mainly addiction... my boyfriend! This is a drawing I made from him and for him
as a birthday present this year. Love!

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