1. Skeletal system and anatomy in general. Like to know wverything about the construction and
shapes of our bodies and have a special crush on those vintage old maps of the body.
2. Atelier! Feeling again what it is to build a real catwalk collection on my own and put it out
for the public. Something amazing but it's been a long time now that I left it.
Builing a collection for a particular costumer and not for the masses as I've been doing.
I might try at least to keep doing somethings at home for my own for now.
3. Leather! Not that I like to kill animals but I love leather.
4. Snake earring turning around and around. A beautiful piece!5. Skulls again! As I was saying before not only I like to study the anatomy of the humans but
also the animals. Amazing for decoration as well. Such an american style. Love!

6. Sketching and drawing pieces and collections. Passion!7. A new computer! Something I can't take for much longer. My computer is completely
crashing down and I need to get me a new Mac! Hopefuly next month.
8. Love cooking and love eating! Currently I'm addicted to salmon and japanese food.
Nothing new. Something I'm always addicted to but anyway!
9. Nailpolish! I've been painting and re-painting my nails in all color ways.

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