1. ACNE PAPER. Not only a magazine but such a piece of art! Inspiering!!!
2. Last week I just started my jazz dance classes and it's been such a great time and exercise!
3. Metal for my hair and my head. I've been obcessed in find some metal accessories for my hair
but I think it needs to grow a bit more.

4. Pouches! Every kind. Is just so good not to carry the bag in your shoulders but in your hands and
have less inside it as well. Less heavy and so sofisticated! How better can it
5. Nothing better then taking a long long bath (photo by Jacobo).
6. I started a diet to try to eat a bit better. I'm trying not to eat so much sugar but now that the
summer is ending I'm just longing for some big ice-creams
7/8. B.A.R.! My new favourite restaurant in Stockholm. We went there for some fish and shell-fish
dinner this saturday and we had an amazing time! Beautiful decor, good music, amazing wine and
food @
Blasieholmens Akvaruim och Restaurang Blasieholmsgatan 4A, 111 48 Stockholm, SWEDEN.

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