1. Abbey Lee. All that attitude and style that she has just captured my attention and now
I can't take my eyes off of her. Another Erin? We changed from liking beautiful models skinny and
with no brain to carismatic and powerful models that turn into icons. This is a great step!
Don't take me wrong with the words 'no brain'. I'm just writing some comon thinking in fashion.
2. Brett Detar. A great sound for your ears. You can download the album completly free on his
website here. Already in my ipod!

3. Mandy Shadforth's art. The fingers behind Oracle Fox are also used to build up beautiful
4. Sofa always and forever. No, that's not the idea. Sure I love my sofa but I love that it
is vintage look like more or less into the one of the picture but black.
5. Obcessed in getting by body shaped but maybe not enough. Need to work out mooooore.
6. Beautiful kimono shapes in burned out velvet with 70's bohemian motifs. Fringes!
Must not forget, lots of fringing!
7. RUG! In shades of red and burgundy just like the one we have on the office. Also
all those catwalks inspired like Maison Martin Margiela. Beautiful!
8. Decor! 60/70's, cactus and wood. Need to re-decorate just a little bit and find a bit more
space left somewhere in the apartment. Wish me luck!

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