1. RUBY ALDRIDGE. Such a beautiful girl. Another of these powerful models that turn into icons.
We all have our eyes on her and want to see what she's wearing. Am I right?
Cool vintage neo-hippy style! Love.
2. Can't wait to get my iphone. Hopefuly in 2 weeks. The waiting is ending soon!
3. Leather shorts and vintage findings. You know I'm a big fan of leather. Can't help it!
Below, just a message:
Work hard (the reward always comes)... the rest come easy!
By the way if you didn't read it last week here in the blog, I can tell you now (for those who already
know, sorry but I'm just way too happy!). I got a job promotion and I have a special project
for work as well running. I'm sorry I can't tell you more but is confidential! That's what you get
when you work in a big company.
4. drawing, drawing, drawing... can't wait to plan and draw everything for this special project!
5. Bought a lot of magazines last week all for inspiration... I'm building the boards, girls!
6. The Black Keys. Those guys are great! If you never heard you should.
American country, baby!
7. Burberry Prorsum creeper style high heels. Just perfect! Get them here.

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