What am I addicted to lately? What am I really liking?
Here is a list with a few things...

1. ACNE. No news for you. Each time I enter a ACNE store I like it more and more. Amazing!
2. Helmut Lang. As you didn't notice, right? Yeah, I've been posting quite a lot on it.
3. My thousands and thousands of sketchbooks.
4. Fur vest from Rag & Bone. Great!!!
5. Denim! I will maybe need to get back to basics now with the winter. No tights and shorts
or skirts. Even dresses! I have a feeling that it will be complicated without some pants.
6. My bed. Get some sleep! I feel so sleepy and tired with this missing light.
7. Thrilling! Sometimes there are things that you don't really expect and take you
by surprise. A great film. A random inspiering picture from tumblr.

8. Ripped off and dyed denim.
9. I need a new camara. Think it will be this xmas. Hopefully!
10. Beauty products and old vintage letterings. So man style. So beautiful!
11. White and simple Tee or tank.

Tell me about your addictions...

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