1. Vintage furniture and decoration. Had such a rush of inspiration last saturday visiting
Brandstationen in Mariatorget.

2. Cappuccino, please! I'm so tired that I've been taking too much coffee. So now I started
taking cappuccino instead. A bit softer but keeps me awake at least.
3. Work work work! Don't have much to say about just that it has been quite a lot lately.
I'm happy anyway for it but can't wait for the weekend to come.
4. One of my latest favorite things - have breakfast at the coffee with J.
Just relax, good talk and a morning walk. What could be better?
5. Pizzzzzzzzzza! J, my boyfriend, has been developing his pizza making. Now he is
doing it all totally homemade and it tastes wonderful. Good job baby!
6. Plants. We have been trying to rase some at home. Let's see how it goes with the winter.
7. Old cars, men accessories and clothes, men style. We have been visiting some menswear
shops. I've been taking a look at the details and is absolutly amazing to see the diference
between men and women's garments. Men's is so much more into details. Is amazing!

That's my list for this week!

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