What inspiers me this week? To what am I addicted to?
Is not that I change my addictions all the weeks. I actually keep them for a long time.
Is just to keep it a visual way. Sometimes is just good to remember what we miss. So this week:

1. Minimal simple but design clothes. I have planes to start drawing again soon. I mean
in the real way. Not comercial clothes for the company but really nice and creative clothes.
2. A SPA. Beauty. Skin care. Something that will make me feel good, relaxed and beautiful.
3. Make up! Need to replace some things missing.
4. Just a picture that inspiers me. Always been in love with big window houses where you
can feel almost that your living outside it.
5. Candles. Want to buy some and spread them in the house.
6. Levi's. Love good quality. Good finishings and details on clothes.
7. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. All kind!
8. Tea before bed!
9. Bottles and men barber vintage products.
10. Vintage decoration such as pharmacy products bottles and other small stuff11. Yamamoto. Notebook on cities and clothes a Wim Wenders film.
This week I took the chance and made another order from Amazon - Yamamoto.
The japanese genius!

Tell me about you. What are you addicted to?
What inspiers you?

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