No, certainly I don't want to fool you guys and certainly you understand that at this 
time in Stockholm we still not going higher than 0º C. So, I just picked some pictures we 
took last December in Portugal by Jacobo by the beach maybe to show you how much 
I miss the summer and how much I'm longing for L.A.!

Sure I could take some pictures here to show you how beautiful it is here with all the snow 
but the truth is that you can't even take your hands outside the gloves or stand outside longer 
to take photographes. 

Although I think the winter is not so dramatic here as I thought it could be wih all this
negative temperatures and ice I still definitly a summer girl!

Wearing StyleStalker laces dress, H&M trend leather vest and sunglasses and metal 
details cowboy boots from a very special shoe store here in Stockholm.

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