(Retrosuperfuture sunglasses and LowLuv by Erin Wasson jewelry)

Hey guys! Hard day I had yesterday I have to say. One day you wake up and you have a message 
in a bottle telling you that someone, somewhere, somehow entered your facebook account 
changed your password and after that goes to your email account (does the same) and starts 
to send emails to all your contacts telling everybody that he or she is you and that you need 
money. How does that feel? Scary, right? Well after all that they also deleted all my contacts. 
Well, I hope that this never happens to you guys and I just want to take the chance to tell 
you all that I am ok and also that I changed my email address. If you need to contact me 
please go to 'contact', you have the email there. Also my facebook account is off until 
tomorrow but hopefuly it will be working soon.

Sorry to all of those that received this spam email and thank you for understanding.
See ya!