Planning trips to stars with Balenciaga. Well, actually with a copy of it. Looks like the brands 
have their eyes open for the high fashion and are starting to take some risks. 
Having the pleasure of an inside view all I can tell you is that it has been a crazy evolution
since I started to work in the fashion industry 8 years ago. When I started as a designer
the companies where so affraid of exploring and create. The comercial side was the only secure
way to go. With that I'm not saying that it changed but I'm saying that we had an evolution.
All the blog explosion and the fast access to information helped not only the fashion industry
but the all society to make a big step into a new creative world.

These days, companies are no longer showing the comercial side of their collections only but
also giving us a all new perspective of fashion. Even when they make some little copies. 
As from my side I'm more than happy to be able to create those special items and be free in 
my creativity.

Here wearing Zara leather skirt, Karen Walker sunglasses and Acne clutch and boots.