I guess this is the question you are asking yourself. Guess what? Me too. For some days I've been asking myself if I had my head too much on other things that I missed it or if they simply didn't had a collection.

A big maison like Céline doesn't just skip to present a collection. As of Céline's p.r. announcement is a strategy of the brand to keep this collection secret and reveal it closer to the retail season. No imagery from this just released collection will be shared before that. All kind of photos, reviews and tweets were banned from the show and the only little information we've got is this review from WWD:

"A leaner yet still relaxed silhouette dominated the tight lineup marked by a distinct utilitarian vibe. This showed up in a mostly neutral palette of khaki, black and white, and bold D-ring and pocket details. While these rendered straightforward chic, a pair of transparent white dresses over loud underpinnings - one green, one purple - made slyly subversive tweak on nurse's garb. There were also rich suedes, including an ultrachic belted lavender shift and fabulous two-toned minks - one color coming and another going." 

These words almost sound like a poem.

The rumours? One single word - ZARA! Céline has run into problems with Zara and other high-street brands in the past, producing and selling copies of Céline's styles six months before the actual maison had sent them to stores. The market is bombed by all kind of copies and "look-a-likes" before you can actually see the originals in store and that makes you tired of seeing the same thing over and over. So, the end of story: "let's try something new". I can say that now I am even more excited but for the moment I will focus on the Pre-fall 13. AMAZING collection!

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