(Wearing Zara shorts, Comme des Garçons Tee and sneakers and 'Wolves' Valley eyewear - here.)

Here's a few photos from my trip to Hong Kong. It was a lot of walk around the city and shopping but found some time to also go to the beach side for a little relax and to visit the famous Victoria Peak. Not such a great day for the views since it was quite grey out there 
but still worth the visit. Hong Kong is definitely impressive and has such an amazing city life. 

I have to confess I wasn't very smart with my shoe selection for this trip and by the end of the second day I was finally convinced that I really needed something more comfortable to walk around city. Well, not such bad news and actually quite a good excuse to go 
shopping. Dropped by I.T. Comme des Garçons store and was absorbed by it. Went there twice and the problem wasn't I didn't like anything, the problem was I couldn't decide for only one pair. At the end, after thinking and rethinking and having in mind that 
Hong Kong is such a great city for shopping (always good to save some space in the luggage for something else you might find on 
the way, right?) I decided for this new Comme des Garçons Converse - similar here. Score!

(Photos by J. Campos)